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After intensive design and function testing, it has been determined that SleepQ will be an app.  Here at Microsleep, we are very excited with this development!  If you’ve been following the development of the SleepQ sleep training device, the main difference in design is in how the onset of sleep will be detected:  (not) responding to auditory tones, automatically emitted from your smartphone.  SleepQ will no longer detect sleep by being dropped.  Being unresponsive to sounds was shown in the 1930s to occur precisely at the start of stable sleep…”stage 2″ in sleep lingo.  Waking at this moment leads to a much more reliable feeling of having been asleep.  This awareness is one of the big keys to successful sleep training.

This method opens up a new world of sleep training, and the benefits are immense:

more effective sleep training

better user feedback

easily sharing your results of sleep training

a “smart” napping feature

much more affordable

The initial version of the SleepQ app is scheduled to be released in early spring.  This could be even sooner as we no longer have hardware development.  As for our Indiegogo campaign, we will need to let it finish its run.  With our “fixed” Indiegogo campaign not reaching our funding goal, all funds will be returned automatically to contributors at the end of the campaign (December 23rd).  Our heartfelt thanks goes out to all who made a contribution!  Your generous offer will always be remembered.

Again, we are so excited to share this news with all of you who have been following our SleepQ story!  We feel that we will be able to reach a much larger group of users with our app.  Many of you have noticed the high number of sleep apps in the app store, and I see them too.  I have downloaded many of them to check them out.  Most of these sleep apps track your sleep through motion sensing, emit soothing sounds sounds to try to get you to fall asleep, or function as a “smart” alarm clock to try to wake you at the “right” time.  Non of these apps do what the SleepQ app will do: train you to sleep better.

The initial release will be in iOS format, and if successful, we will release an Andriod version soon after.  Updates and screen-shots will be coming to, so be sure to check back and share the news!

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