Insomnia can be a relentless, vicious cycle.  A bad night can turn into a day of coping strategies that in turn lead to more insomnia.  Add some worry and ruminations and you have a recipe for disaster.

Some people with chronic insomnia have a sleeping pill routine that has developed over time:  This pill for winding down, that pill for when a couple of hours go by without falling asleep, and maybe another for a middle of night awakening.  In my clinical work educating insomnia patients, the concern and attention over their sleeping medication routine seems to perpetuate their insomnia.  The concern and attention become problems in and of themselves.

Bluntly put, it’s really no way to live.  Sleep is meant to be a time for restoration, both physically and mentally.  Our heart is not designed to be in “wake mode” continuously – it needs to rest.  We need enough deep sleep for adequate growth hormone to be put into our bodies.  And we need REM sleep for mental restoration, clear thinking, and memory consolidation.

Enter the SleepQ sleep training app.  Packed with design features to help you take control of your insomnia, SleepQ is ready for a training session in the late afternoon or early evening after you experience one of those bad nights (when your sleepiness level is high).  As I’ve said in previous posts, sleep training is like exercise – it’s conditioning, done to perform (sleep) better with more confidence.  It is not a pill or gimmick that claims to put you to sleep.  Think of it as jogging shoes for your sleeping brain.

Life with SleepQ will indeed be a time of confidence, in your sleep, in your relationships, in your talents, and in your aspirations!  Back to the exercise analogy:  How do you feel when those clothes in the back of your closet start to actually fit?  Or when simple acts like getting up out of a chair become easier?  Confident.  Now imagine your life more rested, free of worry about sleep, and with less dependence on sleeping medication.

Learn to fall asleep…right on Q!

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