Home ScreenThe SleepQ app is being developed to help the millions of people who suffer frequent difficulty getting to sleep, getting back to sleep, or who are working with their doctor to reduce their dependency on sleeping medication or alcohol. The SleepQ app will provide a convenient and affordable way to do an at-home variation of sleep retraining, the scientifically-proven method of treating chronic insomnia.  But SleepQ will also offer another module for helping with sleep: customized daytime naps.

Sometimes we don’t get enough sleep for reasons other than on-going insomnia: work, childcare, eldercare, pets, a snoring spouse, a windy night, a leaky faucet…the list is long!  Coping with excessive daytime sleepiness for reasons other than insomnia takes some planning.  The extra afternoon coffee can provide a late-day kickstart, but as caffeine is strong and long-lasting substance, it can cause problems getting to sleep that night.  So this applies to energy drinks too, which usually have the added challenge of a high sugar content.

For those whose schedule allows, a non-caffeine strategy may be taken: a big late-afternoon nap.  This can feel great!  Short sleep at night usually most affects our amount of REM (dream) sleep, which helps us with learning, memory and generally thinking clearly during the day.  A nap of an hour or more usually will contain some REM sleep.

Another popular napping strategy is the “power nap”.  The theory is that you will feel more refreshed if you end your nap before deeper sleep begins, which is usually about 20-30 minutes after falling asleep.  Best if done as early in the afternoon as possible, this type of nap is a favorite of daytime 9-5 workers.  Close the office door, or park the car in a shady spot, and nod off for few minutes.

Remember that if you also struggle with insomnia, keeping naps as short and early as possible is the best strategy for not adversely affecting your nighttime sleep.

So where does the SleepQ app come in?  SleepQ can help with your naps in one very big way: it knows if and when you fall asleep.  You see, just lying down for a nap does not mean that you fall asleep, or even know if you did and for how long.

Nap screenUsing SleepQ for your nap, either a short power nap or a customized nap of any duration, will ensure that you get the recovery sleep you need.  If you did fall asleep, SleepQ will tell you how long it took, and because you set the nap duration, SleepQ will never let you oversleep.

So whether it’s sleep training or recovery napping, SleepQ has you covered.  Completion of the app and placement in the App Store is still on track for next month.  Almost siesta time!

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