Ok I’m back after a hiatus. Lot’s of changes in the world! Lockdowns seem to be easing now, so good news there.

The big news here is that Dr Daniel Erichsen and I have launched an online Sleep Coach School! It is a where anyone can get education and certification in sleep coaching. We both feel this is sorely needed, and it is our attempt to help the millions with chronic sleeping trouble on a mass scale. We have compiled a series of video modules in a bunch of different areas of sleep/sleep coaching, giving our own unique perspectives. There is a multiple choice exam at the end to earn our certification. For our members, we offer Friday drop-in sessions with myself or Daniel to help with specific issues with concepts, clients, etc. We also offer a self-help sleep coaching program for those struggling with their own sleep. I strongly encourage you to check it out at www.thesleepcoachschool.com!

The Sleep On Cue app is still available on iPhone, and is currently helping hundreds and hundreds of users with sleep training. One of the most common types of feedback is how it has helped a user decrease or eliminate their need for a sleeping medication or supplement. It’s a great iPhone app for sleep and insomnia! And speaking of apps, Daniel has developed the Bedtyme app for doing your own CBTI for insomnia. I strongly encourage you to check out both apps!

And as always, I am available for Sleep Coaching via any communication method you prefer (Zoom is popular!). Shoot me a message and we can get to work on your sleeping trouble or follow up with me on an existing problem.

Best to everyone!

‘Till Morning,



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