Sleep affects everything about our physical and mental functioning, and for a myriad of reasons it can be difficult. It may be any combination of trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, falling back to sleep, or waking early. It may be loud snoring (either you or your bed-partner) or strange behaviors at night. Often we turn to anything in desperation for help with sleep – pills, potions, gadgets or gimmicks – but they all ultimately fail.

When we have trouble sleeping, we can feel as though we are alone in the struggle. The experience of long, wake-filled nights can be difficult to share with friends or family. Somehow everyone we know seems to sleep better than us. But this is not the case. You most definitely are not alone!

I offer 30-minute 1-on-1 sleep coaching phone calls.

Simply mail me ( or send me a text (541-601-9683).

Then, after a coaching session, if you feel like my guidance has been helpful, I am grateful for a contribution to my PayPal page, again only if you find my sleep coaching helpful. That’s it!

My approach is somewhat unique – definitely NOT strict and dogmatic. Some of what I cover is conceptual, some is behavioral. After asking a series of questions to learn my client’s sleep history, I listen closely to what my client is experiencing to determine what they are capable of modifying as far as sleep related behaviors. Everyone comes from a different place. After over 30 years of sleep coaching, I fully understand this.

I also do not just present a bunch of sleep hygiene stuff that I know my client is already doing (which also confirms that simple sleep hygiene does not end insomnia btw). I work with the natural homeostatic and circadian sleep drives we all have, and focus on strengthening the association between the bed and sleep. I also do not require my clients to fill out a sleep log or track their sleep in any specific way. It’s a conversational approach with the goal of helping my client change some behaviors that lead to a change in the way my client thinks about sleep, and ultimately sleeps. 

After each call with me, I make sure my client has a clear understanding of concepts to learn and doable behaviors to modify. 

I am always available for a quick question via text or email between calls for clarification of anything.

I look forward to having you as one of my clients!



(541) 601-9683