Now that’s an enticing podcast episode title if I’ve ever seen one! The key is the […]
Everyone with on-going insomnia has been told, “if you can’t sleep in 20 minutes, get out […]
People try all sorts of things to sleep. They try to clear their mind, breathe a […]
Fact: the human mind loses much of it’s ability to think rationally and logically when it […]
You know what’s between your active daytime self and you asleep? Being relaxed. Ahh yes. Being […]
Light at night is not natural, at least not a lot of it and not anything […]
In episode 9 of the Sleep On It podcast, I describe the rhythmic nature of sleep […]
In episode 8 of the Sleep On It! podcast, I go over the absolute most important […]
In episode 7 of Sleep On It!, I (eventually) get to 5 things to do/consider/understand prior […]
In episode 6 of Sleep On It! I go over the questions I like to ask […]
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