Ok I’m back after a hiatus. Lot’s of changes in the world! Lockdowns seem to be […]
How’s this for a comparison: sleep and harmonica! No, I haven’t lost my mind (at least […]
Anxiety destroys sleep. Especially if anxiety/worry in general becomes anxiety/worry about sleep specifically. It is very […]
A nap can be good or bad for your nighttime sleep, it depends. A nap can […]
What is the essence of CBTI? There are two: one is the core behavior, and the […]
People try all sorts of things to sleep. They try to clear their mind, breathe a […]
In episode 9 of the Sleep On It podcast, I describe the rhythmic nature of sleep […]
In episode 8 of the Sleep On It! podcast, I go over the absolute most important […]
In episode 7 of Sleep On It!, I (eventually) get to 5 things to do/consider/understand prior […]
In episode 6 of Sleep On It! I go over the questions I like to ask […]
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