The gratitude that you expressed for my review pales in comparison to the gratitude I have for your solution to chronic insomnia that your app represents. I want you to know that your app has done more for me than all the money I’ve spent on western medicine doctors, sleep pills, psychologists, the sleep study (which cost me $1000 to be told that I sleep more than thought and that I’ll sleep if I’m tired) and the large cumulative amounts that I’ve spent on Chinese medicine (which improved my diet but still left me lying awake in bed).  I’d do “everything right” for the evening and still not be able to fall asleep. During most of the time that I engaged in all that external help, I knew in my gut that my problems were in the mechanics and process of falling asleep. I felt like I didn’t know how to fall asleep.

This story is to support that I think you nailed it. I watched your video and it resonated with me strongly. I think it will engage many chronic insomnia victims like myself who suffer from chronic insomnia. I’m feeling substantially less anxious in bed, but these are strong habits to break. I’m planning on doing another 24 hour sleep training session in 2 months, and then I may continue just to sharpen and optimize my sleep onset. I finally have a tool that let’s me confront this by practicing and learning how to fall asleep.

This was all intended to show my appreciation to you, however, feel free to use whatever you want on your site. I have no ego regarding any of this, and I’d love to see more people get appropriate help.  Thanks again for keeping me on a strong path of health and improvement.
Corey from Colorado

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